Kids _ Bubbles

Spring Clothes

Each spring, we provide gift cards so the kids will have spring and summer clothes that fit.

Jumping in the Leaves

Fall Clothes​

At the start of the new school year, we provide a gift card for new clothes. It’s a huge boost to a child’s self-esteem to have the right clothes to wear to school.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Food Baskets


Aspasians has provided each of our families a Thanksgiving food basket for over 20 years!  

Little Girl with Christmas Present


Thanks to the generosity of many kind sponsors, each child receives gifts from their wish list, plus a stocking full of goodies.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Birthday Parties​

The Rainbow Room is grateful for those who would like to contribute to our Birthday Fund.

While many of our children have family who celebrate their birthdays, some do not. For those children, the Rainbow Room is able to utilize the Birthday Fund to purchase common party items, such as a birthday cake or cupcakes, decorations, an informal party and a gift or two.

If you would like to donate to the Birthday Fund, please click the button below!


Girl with a Basket

Easter Baskets

The ladies of AMICA provides each child with a cheerful, springtime basket. 

Ready for School

Back to School Back Packs 

Before school starts, we provide each child with a backpack filled with all the required school supplies so they will be ready to face a new grade.