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Support the Children

Rockwall County is a wonderful place to live, and it’s hard to imagine that there could be children here who are forgotten, abused and neglected. The Rainbow Room provides for the immediate and urgent needs of these children, and supports the Child Protective Services caseworkers who help them. 

When a caseworker has to remove a child from the home due to abuse or neglect, that child often comes into care with just the clothes on his back. There is no provision by the state to meet the child’s immediate needs, and that is where the Rainbow Room comes in. 

The Rainbow Room is an actual room, filled with emergency supplies such as diapers, formula, hygiene items and school supplies, which the caseworker can access 24 / 7, to get the items they need for their kids. Other items, such as clothes, car seats and beds, are purchased as necessary. 

Boy with Teddy Bear

Ultimately, it is the Rainbow Room’s mission to keep these children safe, and to help them reach their full potential.


We want them to get a good night’s sleep in their own bed, and to go to school wearing nice clothes that fit well, ready to take on the world.

And most importantly, we want them to know that someone cares about them.

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